Palace of Arts „Neftyanik“

The largest multifunctional complex in Siberia

Project start: 12/2010
Completion: 10/2016
Project type: New building
Venue type:

Multifunctional hall, Concert hall, Drama theatre, Arts centre, Dance theatre


Big theatre and concert hall: 1200 seats                                     Multifunctional hall: 270 seats                                                            Jazz-Club (Art-Cafe): 60 seats                                                             Banquet hall: 300 seats

Our services:

Schematic design, design development, construction design, tender documents, construction site supervision for stage machinery, stage lighting, electro acoustics and video system


Architect: Engineering company ООО SYNTHESIS RUS
Client: Oil and gas producer company OAO Surgutneftegas


Originally, the building should be built on the site of the old palace, built in 1975, but the area was not sufficient to turn all the ideas into reality. The total area of the new building is approximately 45.000 square meters. The building houses under one roof many venues: big theatre hall and concert hall, multifunctional hall, banquet hall, jazz club, dance halls, video studios and audio studios. The building can host guest performances of the big opera and ballet houses, as well as rock bands and symphonic orchestra. The lobbies can be used for meetings, exhibitions and small presentations.

The exhibition area is situated in the lobby on the 3rd floor and is filled with a lot of light and air, which makes it ideal place for art show openings and exhibitions

Two big and several small dancing rooms, three singing rooms, studio theatre and other rooms for rehearsals of voice bands and dancing groups are available in Palace of Arts.

Two sound-recording studios enable synchronous record of different music groups. One video studio with professional equipment is also set up in the building.

The big theatre and concert hall is the centrepiece of Palace of Arts „Neftyanik“. It can accommodate up to 1.200 people and is one of the most state-of-the-art venues in Russia.

The Client asked Kunkel Consulting International GmbH to optimize the originally prepared theatre equipment concept to ensure better technical data, functionality and realization of stage machinery, stage lighting and AV within the budget. The concept has been optimized by KCI: the distance between fly bars was reduced, payload and speed of fly bars was increased, connecting stairs between galleries provided.

In accordance with the revised concept, the hall was equipped with the state-of-the-art technology:

  • 5 double deck platforms and 1 compensation platform;
  • 1 stage wagon with integrated turntable and ring;
  • 3 orchestra lifts with movable orchestra railing;
  • 48 fly bars with payload (gross) 750 kg and maximal speed 1,5 m/s;
  • 16 point hoists with movable point hoist carriage with payload 500 kg and maximal speed 1,5 m/s;
  • 1 movable proscenium lighting bridge with payload 2850 kg;
  • 15 three-sectional lighting frames with payload 1110 kg;
  • 8 side lighting ladders;
  • 2 backdrop storages;
  • 2 stage trap elevators.

The original name of Art-Cafe was Jazz-Club, but before the opening, its name was changed. This venue with 60 seats has a stage and is equipped to organize all types of music events.

Neftyanik has also a multifunctional hall for 270 seats with a separate lobby. The stage of this hall is flexible and can be installed in various parts of the hall. This stage flexibility was considered in the design of the overstage machinery.

The Multifunctional hall is equipped with the following machinery:

  • 2 FOH-lighting hoists;
  • 6 fly bars;
  • 2 lighting hoists;
  • 6 square trusses for suspension of the lighting fixtures;
  • 6 point hoists;
  • 2 hoists for acoustic systems in the lobby;
  • 4 hoists for acoustic clusters.

The banquet hall with 300 seats has its own stage. The ceiling has special supporting structures, such as oval truss and bridge, provided for suspension of lighting fixtures.

Additionally to these supporting structures, the banquet hall is equipped with the following stage machinery:

  • 2 hoists;
  • 2 lighting hoists;
  • 2 theatre curtain rails;
  • 2 hoists for acoustic systems;
  • 8 chain hoists.

All halls of the Palace have enough options to fix the equipment: machinery structures, for example, lighting bridges, lighting ladders in the big hall; special designed truss systems in the small halls.

The connection boxes are distributed throughout the house and provide control signals and power for lighting fixtures.

The house has in ready supply following types of lighting fixtures: profile spotlights with different field angels, Fresnel-lensed and PC-lenses spotlights, various PAR-spotlights with different lamps, LED-luminaires, moving heads, UV-lamps and floodlights, cyclights, follow spots, various stands of different sizes, sufficient quantity of cable. All challenging lighting tasks can be solved with this equipment.

The sound system enables sound reproduction from each place of stage and auditorium. The PA-system is based on the digital audio network with routing matrix. The mixing consoles are installed in each hall.

The Palace of Arts is equipped with complete tailor-made stage management system with control desks for each hall, communication stations, cue lights, paging and monitor system.

Video cameras have been installed in the big hall to ensure live-broadcasting.

All the auxiliary rooms (unloading area, side stages, scenery storage) are equipped with ancillary chain hoists to enable quick reloading or assembling of stage sets for events.

After opening, well-known Russian theatres visit Surgut with tour performances and the audience enjoy the versatile performance program of the Palace, which includes shows, plays, music concerts and many other cultural events.



The official opening ceremony of Palace of Arts „Neftyanik“ took place on October 1, 2016, in Surgut. The construction of this unique multifunctional building lasted over 4 years. The investor was OAO Surgutneftegas one of the largest oil and gas company with headquarters in Surgut, Siberia.

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