Our fields of expertise

Nowadays every modern stage is equipped with sophisticated stage machinery equipment, which serves for artistic and technical purposes. Our experience covers the complete stage machinery, which can be used in all types of event venues. These are overstage machinery facilities, such as, fly bars and point hoists, lighting frames and electrified spotbars, lighting bridges, proscenium towers, side lighting ladders, as well as understage machinery facilities, such as, stage platforms, turntables, trap lifts, orchestra lifts and railing. Our experience covers also seating wagons, seating systems, curtain tracks and various stage doors.

A high standard of safety and availability is essential for safety-related equipment, such as fire curtain and smoke hatches. In our design we consider all country-related safety regulations and rules to provide reliable work of all safety-related systems and stage machinery.

Our extensive experience enables us to develop for our clients tailor-made solutions considering artistic needs, structural conditions and available budget.

Performance lighting is one of the most important tools used by theatre directors to provide the right mood and atmosphere for the show. We offer our clients effective, energy-efficient and flexible light concepts. Thereby our light designers and light engineers have a large practical experience on stage and understand the needs of technical and artistic staff in the theatre.

Our lighting design comprises preparation of concepts and design documentation for stage and working lighting, connection tables, overview plans for the technical rooms, such as dimmer rooms and lighting control rooms, as well as preparing data (electric loads, requirements for ventilation etc.) for other participants of the project.

Each event site is equipped with sound, video and media technology. We advise our clients on all questions concerning these systems, focus on the requirements of the client and offer professional design. Particularly these markets develop rapidly, that is why the market experience and extensive background in the design of conference, audio, video and projection technology is very important.

We support our clients with advice and design for communication equipment in the theatre to ensure simple and effective communication for theatre staff during performances.

Theatre workshops belong to the rooms, which are an integral part of the production process in the theatre. Costumes, shoes, wigs, props and stage sets are produced here. Together with the user we define the requirements for the technical possibilities of the workshops, develop the technological concept of the workshop equipment and prepare design documents with all data needed for other project participants (electric loads, water supply, supply and exhaust ventilation). For the selection of the executing company we prepare tender documents on basis of concept and design. During installation we control the work of the executing company in accordance with the user requirements, design documentation, regulations and tender documents.

Each repertory theatre has to store many sceneries. There is hardly any theatre worldwide, which has no lack of storage space. We optimize storage conditions for the existing houses and find tailor-made solutions for new buildings, which considerably simplify the administration and storage of the sceneries and costumes.

Each type of event has its own requirements on the layout of theatre spaces and theatre rooms. The size of the auditorium influences acoustics. The functional arrangement of the artist’s spaces, production workshops and storages is also of importance for operating process. Logistics routs and connection between storage rooms, delivery ways and stage are to be taken into account to enable smooth delivery of sceneries into the building and to the stage. We advise our clients professionally on all the questions concerning the building layout to ensure that the client will have a comfortable and functional building after opening, which meet all artistic and technical demands.


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Kunkel Consulting International GmbH is an officially registered member of the German Theatre Technical Society (DTHG) – the professional association for stage technology.

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