Chongqing International Circus World

Chongqing, China

Project start: 01/2011


Project type: New building
Venue type:

Circus, Multifunctional hall


Multipurpose theatre: 1498 seats

Our services:

Schematic design, design development, tender documents for stage machinery and stage lighting systems for a multifunctional hall that can be used as proscenium stage and can be reconfigured into circus stage (Arena).


Architect: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design                 Client: Chongqing City Construction Development  Co.,LTD.

Equipment of the overstage machinery system:

  • 3 fly bars used to divide the space by curtains
  • 39 fly bars, payload: 750 kg, speed= 1.0 m/s, load suspension bar length: 15.0m - 24.0m
  • 3 proscenium fly bars, payload: 750 kg, speed= 1.0 m/s
  • 1 main stage lighting hoist, payload: 1.500 kg, speed= 0.5 m/s, length of frame: 15.0m
  • 2 proscenium towers, payload: 1.000kg, for vertical and horizontal movement
  • 8 lighting bars, payload: 1.000kg, v=0.5m/s
  • 4 lateral lighting bars, payload: 1.000kg, v=0.5m/s
  • 2 lateral fly bars, payload: 500 kg, speed= 1.0 m/s
  • 27 point hoists, payload: 350 kg, speed= 1.0 m/s
  • 14 side stage fly bars, payload: 500 kg, speed= 0.5 m/s
  • House curtain (Greek (traveller) and German (guillotine) opening style)
  • 7 fly mechanisms for vertical and horizontal movement, with rail system above circus area
  • 4 apron stage flies, payload 500kg, speed= 0.25m/s
  • 4 apron stage lighting fly bars, payload 500kg / 1.200kg, speed= 0.25m/s
  • Track rail incl. driving device for the horizontal movement of a LED-wall


Equipment of the understage machinery system:

  • 1 main stage platform (16.5m x 3.6m) with four integrated compensating lifts
  • 1 circus main platform (13.0m x 5.0m) with integrated, lift- and lowerable turntable (D=4.50m)
  • 1 wagon for covering of the water basin on the circus stage
  • Circle-shaped platforms for creating an arena (circus ring)


Further parts of the work scope:

  • Complete electric and electronic layout of the centralized control system including main and secondary control consoles for all drives of the stage machinery equipment
  • Complete steel structure (including grid level, level of pulleys above the proscenium and circus stage)
  • Several stage curtains


  • Digital lighting control console for 12288 DMX channels. (Main system and back-up system)
  • Notebook for remote control and maintenance of dimmer system, network nodes and multifunctional devices
  • Radio remotes for the lighting control system
  • 2 secondary consoles as touch screen panels for the secondary functions control such as control of working lighting and rehearsal lighting, control of the direct power connections, control of the main power switches
  • Digital dimmer system equipped with 502 x 3kW and 383 x 16A relay circuits.
  • Working lighting (white and blue) in all relevant areas of the venue
  • Complete power and data distributions
  • DMX 512 and Ethernet network including data splitters, data boosters and protocol converters
  • Complete installation including connection boxes
  • Complete spotlight equipment comprising of lighting fixtures with conventional lenses, profile spotlights, floodlights, as well as color changers, multifunctional lighting devices and effect devices (show laser, DLP projectors, fog, pyro), follow spots, etc.


Phase 1 Design


Phase 2 Handover