Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre


Tbilisi, Georgia

Project start: 03/2010


Project type: Renovation
Venue type:

Opera house, Ballet theatre


1065 seats

Our services:

Schematic design, design development, construction design and preparing of tender documents for stage machinery, stage lighting and electroacoustic and video system, stage management system

Contact: Client:  Cartu Group


The theatre, which can be seen and visited today in the heart of Tbilisi, exists since 1896. The history of the theatre refers back to an earlier period. The history started on November 8, 1851 with the opening of the first opera house on the Freedom square, which was extensively destroyed by a devastating fire 23 years later. The existing building of the theatre was opened in 1896 and only in 2010 the building was closed for much-needed renovation.

In 2009 the charity fund Cartu Group declared to finance the renovation of the theatre. During the renovation and restoration the historical facade and the rooms of the theatre have been renovated.

Kunkel Consulting International GmbH has been commissioned by the charity fund to prepare the design brief for theatre disciplines, design and tender documents to select the supplier of the stage equipment.

In compliance with the wishes of the theatre and within the budget limits Kunkel Consulting International GmbH prepared design and tender documents for theatre equipment.

We prepared the concept for stage equipment renewal which gives the theatre new possibilities for scenography.

The payload of fly bars, point and lighting hoists has been increased, new hoists have been designed for the house curtain and harlequin. The concept included new flight devices, chain hoists and side lighting ladders.

As for the understage machinery we designed solutions for new double-deck platforms with trap lifts, backdrop storage and stage waggons. The area of the orchestra pit has been extended.

The light designers and sound engineers of Kunkel Consulting International GmbH designed solutions for the complete lighting and sound equipment on stage and in auditorium.

The prepared concept has significantly simplified the daily work of technical staff and extended possibilities for theatre directors.

The stage is now equipped with 47 powered fly bars with payload 500 kg and 8 powered point hoists with payload 500 kg, and with movable point hoist carriages and diverter pulleys. The understage machinery included 4 double-deck stage platforms.

The opening ceremony of the newly renovated theatre took place on January 30, 2016. The theatre opened its doors with the opera „Abesalom und Eteri“. The opening night in the renovated building became a national celebration with gorgeous costumes, Georgian opera stars on stage and high-ranking guests in the auditoirum.

Phase 1 Design


Phase 2 Construction


Phase 3 Handover


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