CJ Towol Theater in Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

Seoul, Korea

Project start: 10/2011
Completion: 03/2013
Project type: Renovation
Venue type: Drama theatre
Seats: 1000 seats
Our services:

Construction site supervision for stage machinery, stage lighting and electroacoustic system


Client: Seoul Art Center
Architect: dmp Architect




  • Steel structure, including grid level, level of pulleys, working galleries and catwalks
  • Renewal of house curtain, proscenium bridge and towers, fly bars (1.5m/sec), point hoists, side lighting ladders, rear lighting hoist and side stage crane
  • Partial replacement of fire curtain, rear sound door, side sound door and smoke hood
  • Renewal of orchestra pit lift
  • Motor replacement and repair of main stage platforms, compensating platform, side stage wagon, turntable
  • Renewal of control system for overstage and understage equipment including the control consoles
  • Total replacement of dimmer system and consoles
  • Remodeling of the infrastructure for lighting system including connection boxes
  • Total replacement of speaker system and mixing consoles
  • Remodeling of the infrastructure for electroacoustic system including connection boxes
Phase 1 Construction


Phase 2 Handover


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