State Kremlin Palace

Moscow, Russia

Project start: 05/2007
Completion: 03/2008
Project type: Renovation
Venue type: Concert hall, Music theatre, Dance theatre
Seats: 6000 seats
Our services:

Schematic design, design development for electroacoustic and video system, film show system, lighting, machinery and steelwork


Client: Company ZAO MSPA „MOSSIB“

The State Kremlin Palace is the main stage of the country, one of the best and prestigious theatrically-concert platforms of Russia. The Kremlin Palace is situated in the heart of Russia, on the same territory as the Seat of the Russian president, that is why all events which take place here, are of significant public importance.

In 2007 the client commissioned Kunkel Consulting International GmbH to upgrade some technical areas of the Palace. Our team designed audio and video systems, film show system with 3D stereo system, stage lighting, machinery and steelwork.

Phase 1 Design


Phase 2 Handover


  • PA-system for the audience
  • Integration of the new sound equipment into the complete existing PA-system
  • Sound control room
  • Simultaneous interpreting system
  • Radio communication network in the building
  • Display system
  • Video screening
  • Upgrading of CCTV
  • Connection boxes for video cameras of broadcast television and mobile multi camera television system
  • Front and stage lighting
  • Controllable audience lighting
  • Working place for lighting designer
  • Smoke exhaust system above the fly tower
  • System for the movement of the extra-large projection screen
  • Consulting services for building acoustics
  • Consulting services for room acoustics
  • Preparation of technical brief about necessary calculations and measures for the protection of rooms against outside noise
  • Preparation of technical brief for the room acoustics investigations of different options with the help of computer modeling