Hangzhou International Conference Center (ICC)

Hangzhou, China

Project start: 04/2004


Project type: New building
Venue type:

Conference centre


Banquet hall: 2000 square meters

International conference hall: 1000 seats

35 conference rooms

Our services:

Schematic design, design development and tender documents for stage machinery, stage lighting, stage manager system and conference equipment for large conference hall, consultancy services for the architect, preparing of room program


Architect: Carlos A. Ott, Montevideo , OTT/PPA                              Client: Carlos A. Ott, Montevideo , OTT/PPA




Phase 1 Design


Phase 2 Handover


  • Steel structure, including grid level and level of pulleys
  • 2 lateral fly bars, payload: 350 kg, v = 0,5 m/s
  • 1 separation curtain hoist to downsize the stage area
  • 1 lighting hoist in the auditorium
  • Various separation curtains, projection screens
  • Complete electric and electronic layout of the centralized control system including main and secondary control consoles for all drives of the overstage and understage machinery as well as the safety-related equipment.
  • Digital lighting console
  • Secondary console as touchscreen panels with secondary functions control
  • Digital dimmer system with 48 x 2.5kVA, 12 x 5kVA modules
  • Complete distributions
  • DMX 512 and Ethernet network
  • Complete installation including connection boxes
  • Complete spotlight equipment

The schematic design of the banquet hall as a multifunctional hall was cancelled in the later design phases because of simple banquet use of the hall.