King Albert Theatre Bad Elster (König Albert Theater Bad Elster)


Bad Elster, Germany

Project start: 02/2001
Completion: 05/2004
Project type: Renovation
Venue type: Music theatre, Drama theatre, Concert hall
Seats: 491 seats
Our services: Schematic design, design development, construction design, tender documents and construction supervision for stage machinery, stage lighting, electroacoustic, video system, paging
Contact: Client: Saxonian Real Estate and Construction Management, Public Company (Staatsbetrieb Sächsische Immobilien- und Baumanagement)


View from gallery onto new steel structure

  • Renewal of steel structures for stage machinery, including 2 galleries and their accesses
  • 1 proscenium lighting bridge
  • 2 proscenium lighting towers
  • 2 curtain boxes
  • 1 mobile lighting frame (consisting of 3 individual pieces) for flexible suspension on any fly bar
  • 23 powered fly bars, payload: 350 kg, v = 0,8 m/s
  • 2 proscenium fly bars, payload: 500 kg, v = 0,8 m/s
  • 2 lateral fly bars, payload: 350 kg, v = 0,8 m/s
  • 1 house curtain, v = 1,2 m/s, Greek (traveller) opening style
  • 2 side lighting fly bars below galleries, payload: 250 kg, v = 0,12 m/s
  • 2 assembly cranes on the auxiliary stage, payload: 250 kg, v = 0,12 m/s
  • Renewal of stage flooring, as well as steel structures and guide rails for removable turntable
  • 1 backdrop storage
  • 1 transportation lift
  • 1 turntable
  • 2 trap lifts with variable platform size
  • 1 proscenium fire curtain
  • Complete electric and electronic layout of the centralized control system including main and secondary control consoles for all drives of the overstage and understage machinery as well as the safety-related equipment.
  • Various stage equipment
  • Digital lighting console for 350 circuits and 1024 DMX channels
  • Notebook as remote control
  • Radio transmission remote control
  • Secondary console as touchscreen panel with secondary functions control
  • Digital dimmer system with 144 x 2,5kW and 24 x 5 kW modules
  • Complete distributions of the main distribution board for stage lighting: working light, orchestra light, auditorium light, DMX- and Ethernet-distribution
  • Complete installation including connection boxes
  • DMX 512 and Ethernet networks
  • Complete spotlight equipment and auxiliaries
  • Digital mixing panel 64 channels
  • Digital crossbar, networked using optical fibres
  • 4 distribution racks 19“
  • Complete PA-system in auditorium and stage areas
  • Variable room acoustic system V-RAS Matrix 3 consisting of 30 microphones and 32 loudspeakers
  • Video system consisting of 3 cameras and 4 mobile monitors
  • Stage management system, consisting of cue system, paging and emergency call for the whole building, fixed and mobile intercom positions, firefighter intercom position, stage management console
  • Microport system
  • System for the hearing impaired
  • Various input devices: CD, MD, DAT
  • Complete installation including connection boxes for audio
Phase 1 Design


Phase 2 Construction


Phase 3 Handover