City Hall Gundelfingen

Gundelfingen, Germany

Project start: 01/1998
Completion: 12/2000
Project type: Renovation and extension
Venue type: City hall, Conference centre
Our services: Schematic design, design development, construction design, tender documents and construction supervision for stage machinery
Contact: Client: The building authority of city Gundelfingen




  • Supporting steel structure for the overstage machinery
  • 11 powered fly bars, payload: 1,5 kN, v = 0,12 m/s
  • 12 shaft hoist systems
  • 1 main curtain (Greek (traveller) opening style)
  • 1 sound curtain
  • Various curtain rail systems and spotlight support structures in the stage area
  • Complete electric and electronic systems for the above listed equipment including main and secondary control consoles
Phase 1 Design


Phase 2 Construction


Phase 3 Handover


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