Jiangsu Opera House

Nanjing, China

Project start: 10/1997

06/1998 (design)

Project type: New building
Venue type:

Opera house


Big hall: 1800 seats                                                              

Small hall: 800 seats

Our services:

Schematic design and design development for stage technology, stage lighting and intercom system

Contact: Architect: Carlos A. Ott, Montevideo
Client: Carlos A. Ott, Montevideo


Overstage machinery:

  • Grid level, level of pulleys, working galleries
  • 100 pcs. powered fly bars, payload 1000 kg, v = 1,5 m/s
  • 15 pcs. point hoists with movable wire rope output, 500 kg, v = 1,5 m/s
  • Complete safety-related equipment, including safety curtains and smoke hatches

Understage machinery:

  • 6 double-deck stage platforms 18m x 3m
  • 12 compensating lifts 18m x 3m
  • 12 stage wagons 18m x 3m
  • 1 stage wagon with turntable 18m x 18m
  • 1 movable trap lift
  • 1 backdrop storage elevator
  • 2 orchestra pit lifts
  • Complete electric and electronic layout of the centralized control system including main and secondary control consoles.
  • 2 digital lighting consoles with 2 monitors each and back-up system
  • Secondary console as touchscreen panel
  • Digital dimmer system with 800 x 5kW dimmer modules
  • Complete distributions
  • DMX-512 and Ethernet network
  • Complete installation including connection boxes
  • Complete spotlight equipment
Phase 1 Design


Phase 2 Handover